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A restaurant is not only known as a premise where food is served in exchange for money, but also as a place to get together for parties, corporate gatherings, and many other reasons. So what makes a restaurant so great that it is advertised via word of mouth or real-time customer reviews? The major features to consider are the quality of food served then the location, seating arrangement, the staff in general, surroundings and premises of the restaurant, the general ambiance and the price.

The list of required qualities seems definite but in order to gain and maintain a position in the list of top restaurants in Hervey Bay is really difficult.

Qualities of top restaurant in general

Each and every person is different with respect to their preferences in choosing a good restaurant. But we can list down a few of the general qualities a top restaurant must possess in order to be a significant player in the industry.

  • Excellent Overall Experience – In general a restaurant has to make a person or a group of people want to go there, whether for a lunch, parties, special occasion meal or a corporate gathering. The waiters must maintain a positive attitude while interacting with their guests. In addition to that, the waiters must have a complete understanding of the menu and must address the customer concerns on time
  • Quality of the food served – A top restaurant has specific sets of high standards for the food served in general. This can compel the guests to return for repeat visits or to recommend it to their colleagues or friends. Serving a bought in ready-prepared meal must be definitely a red flag
  • Location – The characteristics of this preference differs from person to person. Some may choose a restaurant secluded from the busy urban life, and some might prefer a restaurant within the city
  • What makes a restaurant unique? – A good restaurant must possess a few unique features that stand out in a customer’s mind and give it a competitive advantage over others. Due to the increasing global competition, it is mandatory for a restaurant to possess the feature of uniqueness in order to be a global player
  • Better management – A good management, with unique skills and resources at their disposal, manages the business aspect of the restaurant properly. It is important for the restaurant management to keep good records and stay current with regulatory requirements, such as taxes and health inspections

Most Common Red Flags

  • Unsettling background music and tightly packed tables in a small space
  • Squeezing in more diners, especially during occasions, is unsettling
  • A small restaurant with a vast menu is unrealistic. It usually means the prepared food is bought in
  • A restaurant with a list of outlandish dishes is a major red flag. The chef has most probably confused novelty with innovation and used weird combinations of flavours and ingredients without any prior research

For an individual in general, a restaurant must possess tasty, and freshly cooked dishes by a qualified chef. There should also be a good value for money spent, have a relaxed atmosphere, warm and welcoming staff, and friendly and knowledgeable service. These qualities are achieved by many restaurants with years of hard work. Hence, good restaurants deserve to be rewarded.

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