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Are you traveling to Auckland Park? Need to know the hotels offering the best accommodation services within this area? Worry no more! Below are the top 5 accommodation listings in Auckland where you can get the best accommodation services:

  1. Auckland Park Manor

This is the best accommodation place for part-time students, interns, and professors. It is found close to Johannesburg University, show grounds, hospitals, wits, art galleries, Naspers, and SABC. From this accommodation, you can have a walk to a variety of Melville’s restaurants. Moreover, you have a chance of enjoying the best breakfast in this place consisting of a coffee drink or toast tea, cereals, and fruit. At this place, you will get the comfortable and luxurious beds with desks, electric blankets, en-suite bathrooms, and fans.

  1. Pathways Guest House

This is a double-story premise located minutes from the restaurants and trendy shops of Melville. This is the best place to enjoy your leisure time with its luxurious and comfortable personal service and warm hospitality. In each of their rooms, you will get a kitchenette that is fully equipped, an en-suite bathroom, and a pathway to the garden atrium for the upstairs and to the private garden patio downstairs.

  1. Sunbury House

If you are after a hospitable, friendly, and welcoming accommodation place, Sunbury House is the best alternative. At this place, you are exposed to the attractive, comfortable, colourfully and highly decorated beds and rooms. The place is designed with warm wooden floors and with pressed ceilings to ensure the visitors get the best experience ever. There is a swimming pool situated on a wide lawn. Also, in each room, you will get satellite TV.

  1. Tower Lodge Guest House

This accommodation place is carefully renovated and restored with unique features such as glass windows made from lead, pressed steel ceilings, an attractive Oregon balustrade, and an antique type of Oregon floors. In each room, you will get a luxurious en-suite bathroom, fully equipped satellite TV, and a lounge.  Moreover, you will find a beautiful deck in this accommodation area together with a tennis court and pool. They also offer a private room for confidential meetings or conferences.

  1. Twickenham Villa

The Villa is situated walking distance from places like transport routes, the SABC, Campus Square Shopping Centre, Mill Park, and Melville. In this accommodation centre, you will get self-catering and private cottages and three upmarket suites. The rooms are fully equipped with Wi-Fi connections and DSTV services. The main facility amenities include laundry facilities, satellite TV, parking on premises, barbecue, and credit card acceptance. Their units are either two bedrooms or one bedroom.

With so many comfortable and inspiring options for accommodations in Auckland Park, you’re sure to find the one that meets your needs.

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