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Shopping is one of the best things to do in Auckland. There are a lot of shopping destinations around the city that will make residents and tourists alike enjoy themselves and have the best shopping time of their lives. With the many malls around Auckland, both in the suburbs and the city, choosing where to shop can be a little intimidating if you only have a little time on hand.

Shopping Tips

To help you choose amongst the many shopping malls in Auckland, you may want to consider the factors below:

  • More retailers and shops

In Auckland, you can buy not only their local items but imported brands as well. Choosing a shopping destination which has all the brands you are looking for is a must. You would not want to buy a second-option brand just because the brand of your choice is not available.

The more retailers a mall has, the better and more beneficial for you.

  • Availability of eateries and restaurants

Going to a mall where there are restaurants available within or around the area is a plus. Shopping in Auckland can be very tiring, hence what you want is to make sure there are nearby restaurants where you can stop by and satisfy yourself.

Just as with retailers and shops, the more restaurants or eateries options you have, the better.

  • Cheap finds

Auckland is a haven for shopping addicts, but just like anyone else, they want to find cheap buys. Looking for shopping destinations in Auckland where you can find cheap buys is recommended.

The great news is, you do not need to worry, as there are a lot in Auckland that offers their items cheaper.

  • Accessibility

Especially for tourists who have limited time on hand, they have to choose shopping malls that are accessible to where you stay. Availability of public transportation, parking, and the like are all necessary. You would not want to end up spending your limited time finding a ride back to your hotel or finding a parking space – or even finding the mall!

At the same time, you should not limit yourself from going to malls farther from your hotel as some malls in Auckland are worthy of your travel time.

  • Availability of entertainment and services

Choose a mall where there are activities to do other than shopping. Spa treatments, a cinema house, arcades, or anything else of the like is highly recommended, especially if you are shopping with children. Not everyone loves to shop. Hence letting them do things they enjoy while you do your personal stuff is a great idea indeed.

Auckland is a city in New Zealand with many shopping destinations. Hence, when going to Auckland, do your homework before you arrive to discover the best shopping places around the city that are best suited to your lifestyle.

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