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Do you have a whole lot of wrist bands lying around? Perhaps these are the souvenirs of events or functions which you might have attended in the past. While these may have served the purpose for the time being, what use are these to you now? It should be kept in mind that there is a whole lot more to wrist bands then just serving as visitor ID. The wrist bands can be used for a variety of purposes and can be reused easily.

The following are some of the ways in which you can put those wrist bands to productive use:


Wrist bands can easily double for whelping bands

Do you have to take care of a whole litter of puppies? It’s tough to keep a tab on all of them because they tend to look similar. A wrist band can be placed around the neck of each of those puppies. This would help keep a record of who’s who. You would know which one of the puppies has already been fed. Plus it can help you keep track of vaccinations and other details. Plus you can even try to separate the boys from the girls by using a different color like blue or pink for each gender.


Can serve as tabs for a variety of products

For people who deal in providing food orders or any other kind of service order, the wrist bands can be used as tabs for identifying the rightful owner. For example if you have someone wanting to pick cupcakes, you would place a tab on the ones which have already been booked. This would make it easier for you to identify the people who come to pick their order. It also helps make sure that there are no mistakes. This improves customer satisfaction.


Wristband can serve as children’s identification

It’s common for parents to head with their little ones to the zoo or the beach when they are on vacations. Usually the whole family including uncles and aunts and cousins decide to take a trip. In such instances it becomes a tad difficult to keep track of all the kids. This is usually because children tend to run around a lot. There are also time when a child might accidentally get lost. A wrist band with the name and number of the guardian would help makes it easy to find the kids if they ever get lost.

Used as Alzheimer’s band

The elderly who suffer from Alzheimer’s often wander off and it’s difficult to find out where they live and where they should be dropped off. In such cases the wrist bands can printed with their name and contact number of the guardian to help make it easy for people to allow them to be safely returned to their proper place.  It’s one of the easiest and safest way to help protect these vulnerable individuals.

If you have wristbands lying about your home, don’t fret, use them for the above mentioned purposes.


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