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Hervey Bay

Amazing Things about Hervey Bay Whale Watch Boats

For those who are very familiar with the breathtakingly beautiful Hervey Bay, there is one thing that you will never fail to notice whenever you go visiting or having fun in this area. For those who were not able to guess it, these are the whale watch boats. Hervey Bay is a beloved place of congregation for those who loves observing and watching huge whales all day. The time has come for us to say a few things about the boats they use in this cruising pleasure.


Australia is a great nation, and it is understandable that a good chunk of the whale watch boats in the country are manufactured right in the country. However, this does not change the fact that a substantial number of whale watch boats are also imported from other countries. But the best thing is that no one can really differentiate between these boats once they are all floating on the waters.


A whales tour in Hervey Bay is still a boat and what that implies is that just as with any other vessel, not just anyone can operate this impressive piece of technology. What this means is that a whale watch boat can only be safely operated by a highly-trained crew, the training required to gain this expertise depends on the depth of the experience needed by the boat sailor. The summary is that you must demonstrate enough competence before you will be allowed to operate a whale watch boat.

Facilities and Equipment Available

A typical whale watch boat will have the essential equipment pieces or fittings that are somewhat general. A perfect example of this is the observation deck where excited tourists or enthusiastic whale lovers can relax and watch as the gentle giants slide by.

Contribution to the Economy

Whale watching is a very active sector of the fishing or marine industry. Although many consider the act itself to be a harmless form of relaxing pleasure, the good news is that this activity also contributes a lot to the local, regional and national economy.

From those who have to build and construct the boats themselves to those who have to maintain them to those whale watchers or tourists who happily pay to embark on those spectacular observation cruises, the positive contributions to the economy from whale watching can never be ignored or overemphasised.

Other Uses

Even though we all know that a whale watch boat is primarily designed to serve as a mobile observation platform for whale lovers, that does not mean that in some circumstances that it cannot be used for other purposes. A whale watch boat can always be modified and unmodified so that it can be used for other activities.

Luxury Wedding Car Hire

Tips for Renting a Wedding Car

Thinking about hiring a luxury wedding car in Sydney? Choosing the right wedding car is crucial for any couple. After all a perfect wedding only happens with a great deal of planning. Tings need to be in order to avoid delays and mishaps. Once you have set a date the major concern after selecting a venue is booking a wedding car.
The following are a few tips for couples interested in luxury wedding car hire in Sydney.

Check out different varieties of wedding cars before making a booking

In order to ensure that you find the perfect car for your wedding, make sure you personally go and check the cars available for rentals. This is one way to be sure that you are exactly going to get the kind of car which you had always anticipated. Plus you can also get some good advice from the rental services. if you have a theme wedding planed up you would be  looking for a car which goes with the theme of your wedding. Get some tips from the rental service and you surely won’t go wrong.

Other things to be kept in mind when selecting a luxury wedding car

The major mistake which most brides make while deciding on a wedding car is to not consider their dress when booking a car. The bridal dress usually comes with a long tulle. It takes one or two pages or bridesmaids to hold the dress from the back. Now if you have your heart set on a sports car, you need to make sure you and your dress are both safely ensconced in the car. If you dress is trailing you might need to forgo the desire for arriving in a sports car. Instead choose a car with more space where you can be comfortable and your dress stays protected.

Choosing the colour is pretty essential as well. If you need the focus to be on the two of you, choosing a neutral colour is the way to go. After all your car would be in most of the photographs and if you have your heart set on something bright and vibrant, make sure you are not getting outdone.

Always make a booking from a well-known car rental service. Make sure you check out several car rental businesses online by taking a look at the testimonials left by previous customers.

If there is a certain luxury car you have your heart set on, is necessary that you start looking for it in advance. Most car rentals are booked at least six to eight months prior to a wedding. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to booking a luxury wedding car. Some cars are more popular than others and are snapped up pretty quickly.

Make sure not to forget the rest of the bridal party in your excitement to make a wedding car booking. Your parents and bride’s maids would need transport as well. For more information make sure you contact luxury wedding car hire.

Finding the Right Fishing Charter Boat

Are you looking for a great charter boat with dedicated crew who make fishing an enjoyable experience? Choosing from the wide plethora of fishing charters can be a bit difficult. Despite claims of providing people with the best fishing experience, there are times when the charter crew fails to make an impression. This is because expectations often get crossed which can lead to discontent.

The experts at cairns fishing charters have the following words of advice for enthusiastic anglers.

Avoid half day fishing charters

Choosing to go on a half day fishing charter I a major no. This is one decision which can be a major error. This is because there are very few places where you can hope to see, let alone catch a blue marlin in just half a day. However, if the blue marlin isn’t something which gets your fisherman persona worked up, you can by all means get to have some fun on half day fishing charter as well.

When choose to go for offshore fishing, aim for a charter of two days at least. While in shore fishing can be fine for half a day as well.

Never pick a charter based solely on low prices

It’s obvious that everyone likes discounts. After all who doesn’t like saving money, but it’s an all out experience choosing a charter which charge alarmingly low rates.

A low price could mean of the following

  • The boat could be older or smaller than others
  • When the weather turns rough which does happen at sea a lot you might feel quite uncomfortable and it could be a matter of your safety as well.
  • You might also not be able to properly maintain the tackle.

Keep in mind the old adage that you actually get what you pay for holds true for boat charters as well. if you get a cheap charter doesn’t mean you got great value for your money. Choose the best fishing charters in Cairns with a crew which is dedicated to helping their clients get hold of some real fishing. Keep in mind that a charter which costs less also pay less to its employees. It would be just like going on a fishing cruise and not really coming back with too much of a catch.

Keep expectations realistic

Even when you’re at the best fishing holes, there are day when the fish just won’t bite. if your heart is set on a blue marlin, the crew would make sure they try their best but there are times when you only have dolphins and tuna biting the line. Instead of being disheartened keep it in positive stride. After all anything is better than sitting for five to six hours and not making a catch at all.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind would help you find a great charter boat for fishing. Don’t compromise on quality just because you are getting a cheap bargain. For the best fishing charters in Cairns check out the local guides.

Get Your Wedding Venue Right

Tips to Choosing your Wedding Venue

If you are planning a wedding you know how stressful it can be. From designing wedding invitations to budgeting for a wedding planner or the venue. Securing the right venue for you is one of the important steps you should pass through.

Because without the venue then there is no wedding. Here are the top tips to guide you on securing the right wedding venue for your wedding.

Budget for the Venue

Finding a gorgeous wedding venue is very possible even with the smallest budget you may have. Take time with your partner and decide how much you would like to spend on the venue. There are many guide books you could use to guide you when budgeting.

If you are the type who likes to be exclusive, you can take a venue that can give you an intimate wedding just shared with close friends and family.


Consider the number of guests you would invite to your wedding. First picture how you would want the wedding to happen on that day so that you come up with ideas for the venue. Ensure that the venue you are looking for has enough space for all your guests. Even if it is an intimate wedding reception venue, ensure there is enough space for your few guests.

Get Recommendations

On this special day you would want everything to run perfectly from morning to evening. Be open to recommendations from friends and family. Most probably they had already used the venues for their weddings. Get reviews online for your prospective wedding venues.

Read about the experiences the clients have had before with the venues so that you can choose the best that suits your interests.

Consider the Lighting

Do not forget to consider lighting for when choosing your perfect wedding venue. Lighting is an important aspect of weddings. This is the day you’ve been probably waiting for your whole life. You would not want your day to be gloomy and dull. Furthermore there is no need of having a gorgeous venue if nobody can see or notice it.

Ensure that the venue has plenty of lighting that complements your theme wedding. Avoid fluorescent and violet lighting unless you want your wedding to glow in the night. Above all you can decide to be creative and come up with the lighting for your venue.

Consider your Personalities

Choose a venue because it has the highest internet ratings. Go for a venue that suits your personalities, both you and your spouse. You are encouraged to work as a team as both of you should like the wedding venue and should feel accommodated. Whether you choose a venue by the beach or grand manor, always ensure that that is what you want and that it fulfills your interest and desires.

Consider the Location

You have probably invited friends and family from around the country or world. Location of the wedding venue is key as you would like everyone in the guest list to attend. Choose a location that is suitable to everyone. Consider the elderly who will not be able to climb up the stairs or walk long distances.

2 Unique places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a unique experience and one that cannot be explained by any list. The people are among the friendliest bunch you will ever meet and are known to be extremely hospitable to tourists. But unlike most places, there are a number of unique places to visit in New Zealand. We have researched and found you some of the best locations to go to. Here in this article, you will find some of the best places to visit and where you can look at staying; just to make things easy for you.

1. Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is located quite close to Auckland and will take you about 3 hours to reach from the capital city by car. If you are a marine life or water sports enthusiast, this location should be a must visit for you. You can enjoy the great beaches, explore close to 144 islands, go scuba diving, etc. But this location is much more than the few examples we cited and to be honest we can’t stop gushing over how incredible this place is, and in all honesty, we are trying not to ruin the spectacular things that are awaiting your next visit. Let’s come to the business end of things; we suggest that you try staying in the Duke of Marlborough hotel that has the oldest pub license in all of New Zealand; the place is incredible and the location that it is in, is quite simply breath-taking.

2. Milford Sound

There are many debates on what the eighth wonder in the world is, but as soon as you lay your eyes on this location, there will cease to be a debate. The location is filled with glaciers that date all the way back to the Ice Age; the historic location is surreal and is filled with Ice Mountains and waterfalls. There are two ways to enjoy the grandeur of Milford Sound; you can either take a guided tour of the entire location or go for a kayaking trip, where you can experience the epicness of it all and come across wildlife such as penguins and dolphins. We suggest that you do both since the guided tour can give you a grasp of how amazing Milford Sound is and the kayaking tour will be a story to tell your grandkids one day. We suggest that you stay at the Milford Sound Lodge that gives you great prices and package deals for tours and trekking trips.

3 Awesome experiences to have in New Zealand

New Zealand is more than just the locations that you get to visit; it is also the kind of activities and experiences that you are going to have in the country. And believe us when we say this, there are a number of different things to do and we will take pages upon pages of content to go over everything. But for this article, we have looked some of the stand-out experiences that you must have while visiting the country.

1. New Zealand is a lot more than just the water sports or the marine life; it is also one of the most incredible places when it comes to scenic natural locations. And the easiest way to enrich yourself with the natural beauty of New Zealand is to take part in at least one of the 10 Great Walks. The 10 Great Walks are a part of the culture in New Zealand, and we don’t know where to start when it comes to how unique and surreal this experience is going to be.

2. When people think of wine and vineyards; they usually think of Europe or North American regions, but New Zealand is the hidden pearl when it comes to vineyards and wine tours. The entire scene is quite extensive to grasp on first look, and it can keep you occupied the entire trip to New Zealand. But if you are just someone who is looking to have a great time and add in a tour of a vineyard on the list of things you want to experience; we suggest that you take a look at the east side of North Island, actually, in all honesty, vineyards are scattered around the country. But there is just something classical about the white wine that is manufactured in this particular location.

3. New Zealand has the highest per capita sheep than any other country in the world. Sheep are reared for their wool mostly and are in need for shearing every now and then; this coupled with the fact that the country is filled with people who have a love for competition and sportiness has resulted in a truly unique experience. Sheep shearing has been transformed into a serious sport in the country with participants from across the world taking part in them every year. With time, farmers and enthusiasts have come up with some great methods to quickly shear sheep and get the prize as well.

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