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Holiday Apartments Gold Coast

It is an accommodation establishment meant for holidaymakers from around the world. It is a good fit for independent travellers who wish to take charge of when they come for a holiday or when the end their holiday, those travellers who wish to make their meals and change their rooms as they wish. Travellers and holidaymakers who would like to travel far from their homes but still need the feel of their homes away from home, they only need to book a holiday apartment and embark on traveling experience to meet their holiday apartment ready to move in. Holiday apartments are suitable for local and international tourists who want to stay in a place for a long period.

When should you choose a holiday apartment over a hotel?

If you are planning to have a long holiday far away from home, you should consider renting a holiday apartment over staying in a hotel. Especially when your holiday will last more than a month, it becomes relatively cheap when compared to hotel charges charged per day. The option of making your meals is exceptional, because you choose what to eat and when to eat. Holiday apartments available in the Gold Coast give you more space to carry out extra activities while on holiday. Of course, holiday apartments can’t work for every trip you make, but it is still worth exploring, especially when you are on a lean budget. Renting a holiday apartment might seem extravagant to many, but in the real sense, it saves some bucks because of discounted prices and a few savings from meals because you cook food for yourself and can choose to be economical. Apart from enough space, you get in a holiday apartment; you still get some extras like the free parking lot, full kitchen, and recreational facilities.

Advantages of hotels over holiday apartments

  • More flexible check-in times over holiday apartment, you can easily drop to check-in any time of the day in a hotel, but in a holiday apartment, you will need to make prior arrangements to meet with the property managers for the handover of the apartment keys. It will be difficult to book a holiday apartment, especially when you are not sure when you will be checking in.
  • Multiple guest check-in is possible in a hotel setup because guests will queue in the order they arrive to pick their hotel room keys, not possible in the case of a holiday apartment.
  • No security deposit is required in a hotel at check-in, but in a holiday apartment, guests will be required to pay a deposit of an agreed amount in cash before the keys are handed over. Paying in local cash may inconvenience the guest; they usually do not accept credit cards while paying for security deposits.
  • You will have the pleasure to place orders for your favourite foodstuff, and you just sit and enjoy ready food at discounted prices, if you are in an apartment you will have to prepare your meals at your pleasure. Likewise to drinks, in a hotel, you can order and drink immediately while in a holiday apartment, you might shop more drinks to place them on your fridge for you to drink at your own comfort zone. Holiday apartments are suitable when you are travelling with a family or when in a team.






What You Should Look For Hervey Bay Holiday Accommodation

Hervey Bay is a popular destination for humpback whale watching. Apart from this exciting and thrilling activity, the city also has other fun-filled activities available for their guests to experience. Even how great the city can be, if you failed to find the right holiday accommodation, you will end up disappointed.

What You Should Look For Hervey Bay Holiday Accommodation

To help you find a perfect holiday in Hervey Bay, below are things you have to consider when looking for a place to stay while in the city:



Without a doubt, affordability is one of the things you have to look for holiday rental apartments Hervey Bay. There are so many places in the city to visit and activities to try, and cutting on some of your expenses, particularly accommodation, is a good idea to maximize your Hervey Bay experience.

Here are a few tips you can consider to get the best holiday accommodation deals and rates:

  • Book reservation ahead of time
  • Visit sites that offer discounts for different hotels and holiday accommodations
  • Ask for discounts
  • Choose basic holiday accommodation rooms
  • Get holiday packages, which include accommodation with add-ons, such as plane tickets, humpback whale watching experience, island hopping etc

Near destinations

Travelling far is not an option when going from one destination to another in Hervey Bay. There are so many great things to see while in the city and spending long hours on the road may not be the best way to spend your holiday.

Choose an accommodation that can bring you to tourist spots in just a few minutes or at the least, choose the one that is very accessible to public transportation.

Do not give yourself a hard time going from one place to another, travel time should be the least of your worries when on a holiday, may it be in Hervey Bay or somewhere else.

Tip: You can use Google maps to determine the actual location of the accommodation you are planning to book. Check accessibility and destinations near it.


Has many available amenities to access by their guests

There can be so many things to do and places to visit when in Hervey Bay, but that should not stop you from choosing an accommodation that has may available amenities to offer their guests.

Some of the amenities you can consider are:

  • Swimming pool: This is best to consider, especially if you are in the city with your children
  • Restaurants and bars: Not all the time you are in the mood to feast or hang out with a huge crowd
  • Fitness station: Just in case you do not want to leave your fitness goals behind, bring your work out gear and stay on track


Good customer service

You would not want to stay in an accommodation where you will find it hard to contact someone to assist you, like replacing a broken remote or fixing the malfunctioning air conditioner.

The moment you step into the hotel, what you would want to see is smiling faces of the staff. Their warmth and their flawless assistance can surely make your stay in the city worthwhile.

Take the above-mentioned factors in consideration for your accommodation, and for sure, you will have the best holiday when in Hervey Bay.



How to Choose the Best Wedding Venues in Mornington Peninsula

Choosing the right wedding venue would set the tone for your complete wedding event. You could choose to have your wedding at the beach or in a beautifully enclosed ball room. It all comes down to what you like and how you want to entertain your guests. However, when the time to choose a wedding venue nears most people find themselves getting cold feet. They may feel confused and at times even distressed. This is because there are already so many other things to work on.

There are certain questions which you need to ask yourself before you actually chose a venue. These include:

  • Do you want to have a big or a small wedding?
  • Would you like an outdoor or an indoor wedding?
  • Are you looking for something simple and aesthetic or completely glam or majestic?

Having some basic idea about these things would help make the process of choosing a wedding venue in Mornington peninsula much easier.

Before you choose a venue, keep the following things in mind

  • Choose a location for your wedding. In the past people normally held their wedding in the town where they grew up. Somewhere near the church and so on. However things have changed and so have the people. Now people look for weddings which can actually make their day all the more special. Some people look for exotic location while others prefer a destination wedding. Once you have a location in mind, it’s easier to find a venue.
  • Choose a budget. Before you make a choice regarding the venue you should have a good idea of how much you would like to spend on the wedding. A smaller budget means you can choose even your own backyard to have a wedding. It’s as simple as that. For someone people just the idea of having their near and dear ones present is more than enough. If you are looking for something bigger with more options, then you need to have a bigger budget as well.

  • Make sure you have an estimated guest count in mind before selecting a wedding venue. All wedding venues have a certain capacity. Some have a capacity of holding a small intimate wedding while some are big enough to accommodate a few hundred guests.
  • Choose some features which you would like in your wedding should be a joint decision between you and your spouse. Would you like a venue with a scenic location? Would you like something quaint and charming? You may want to have a sit down arrangement at the wedding or a stand up buffet. It all comes to what you like and what is important for you.
  • Tart looking for venues well in advance. Sometimes it’s better to choose and select a venue at least eight to ten months before the wedding. This would help ensure that you have a place already booked and are not in for a disappointment.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the best wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula.

Perth Coach Hire

Hiring a bus or a coach in Perth is now easier than ever. But getting the right coach for the ultimate travelling experience requires some research. This is because a lot of coach charter services have emerged in recent years. Some of this upcoming bus and coach charter companies have quite competitive prices and services, but most of them are just there for the ride. The coach charter companies also differ in many aspects which you should explore before chartering a bus. You should know the following before hiring a coach in Perth.

What you should know before hiring a coach

The type of services provided by the charter company

Excellent coach and bus charter companies have a wide range of services and products for their clients. This is usually the case if the company has several years in the industry; hence, they provide more services in response to popular client requests. Some of these services include:

  • Charter and hire services -For buses, coaches, limousines and other
  • Tour planning -for children, teenagers, corporations, sports teams, and even seniors.
  • Some food, beverages and other hospitality services
  • Program planning and scheduling -educational trips and entertainment tours, among others.
  • Coordinating airport arrival, transfer, and departure programs.
  • Managing the transport services of special events -corporate tours, weddings, and international group charters, among others.

For special events and other customised transportation logistics, you should approach the coach charter company for price quotation and any other questions that need clarification.

The fleet of the charter company

The fleet of the charter company can tell you a lot about the resources at their disposal. Some startup coach charter companies have one kind of vehicle which they use for all occasions. This might prove to be an inconvenience for special events such as weddings and parties. No one would want to arrive at a party on a school bus.

A well-established company should have different kinds of vehicles to match various occasions and purposes. Most charter companies offer different varieties of coaches, party boat packages, fishing boat packages, buses, and limousines. For instance, tour buses, party buses, sports coaches, school buses, and other customised vehicles.

For efficiency and convenience, the fleet should also be available in various sizes. The fleet should also be well maintained and in good condition. You can visit the premise of the charter company for inspection, price quotations, and other special arrangements.

Customer service and support services of the charter company

Most of the services provided by charter companies are highly dependent on customer services. Tours and trips are supposed to be fun and full of good memories. This would not be the case if your hire charter company with unreliable customer services and other unwarranted rigid restriction. Perth coach hire companies that operate on strict deadlines, routes, and inflexible schedules can prove to be joy-killers.

Charter companies should put the interests, convenience, and wishes of their clients ahead. There should be room new contract arrangements to cater to the needs of the client. This is because it is not uncommon for clients to have special requests and other personalised experiences along the way.

If you are using a driver provided by the company, you should ensure you know about him before the trip. The attitude and experience of the driver should be a priority to ensure you have a safe and comfortable journey.

Photo Booth Melbourne- The advantages of photo booth

An event can be made all the more interesting with the addition of a photo booth. No party these day is complete without a photo booth. After all it’s a good way of spending some fun time. Everyone loves having their pictures taken.

In parties people spend most of the time posing for selfies on their smart phones. In order to make sure everyone is included in the fun, photo booths can provide plenty of opportunity. You can be provided a variety of props which are in keeping with the theme of the party. For example if it’s a baby shower there are small booties and cute picture frames in different designs.

There are many benefits of hiring a photo booth, these include:

No need to hire a professional photographer

Initially at any event or party people hired professional photographers to handle all the pictures for different guests. If the event would be too big the photographer wouldn’t be able to accommodate everyone. Several guests would leave without having their pictures taken. When you hire a photo booth you don’t have to worry about capturing everyone’s pictures. They can do it on their own with or without using the props.

The picture quality is great as well

While most people feel their smart phones can do the job as well, they have got to say something for the quality of the pictures. Not all smart phones are equipped with good pixel quality. Whereas a photo booth compromises of highly specialized photographic equipment. The picture quality is excellent. Plus a phone selfie wouldn’t be able to accommodate a large group of friends, a photo booth can. So you have everyone in one picture and no one feels left out because they were the ones taking the picture.

You don’t have to worry about mailing the pics

With the help of a photo both you can have the photographs printed on spot and what’s more you can print as many copies as you want. So now you don’t even have to worry about mailing the pictures and incurring extra expenses. This in turn helps save both time and money as well. A good photo booth rental in Melbourne could help you get the right equipment and props to make sure your event is a roaring success.

There are different varieties of photo booths to choose from

Photo booths come in many shapes and sizes. It all depends upon the size of the event that you plan to host. The booth can be small and accommodating or they could be big enough to fit in large groups. There are also different designs you could choose from. You could go for something cute or funny or something which is sophisticated as well.

Photo booth rentals in Melbourne by Seven Events can help create memories which last a life time. These are moments which are captured in a photo. Ones which you could enjoy looking at years from now.




Boats Hire Sydney- Things to keep in mind when hiring a boat

Though everyone dreams of owning a boat, not everyone can afford it. However, there is always an option of boat hires in Sydney. There are several reasons why someone may not be able to own a boat, there could be a lack of space. Or they may not have enough resources to own a boat. Whatever the reason for not owning a boat, hiring a boat is always a good option. You have the choice of hiring a simple boat or even a luxury one, all of it depending upon the budget in your mind. If you look for boat hire on the Sydney Harbour you got a couple of options available; luxury water taxies is one of them.

Just keep the following things in mind when looking for boat hire in Sydney. These include the following:

  • Hiring a tinnie is always a good idea if you are looking for something simple and also within your budget. Tinnies are simple boats with a small engine. Also, these are one of the simplest ways to get in the water and easy to maneuver as well. For someone who doesn’t know a great deal about driving high powered boats, a tinnie is always a better option.
  • The main reason why most people prefer hiring tinnies is that these are the best stop and go boats available for beginners. For example, you just stop your car at the deck, hop into the boat with your food and fishing gear and enjoy a day out in the ea. Any of these actions do not require a boating license either. So these are truly simple and easy to use for just about anyone.
  • On the other hand for more serious boating enthusiasts hiring a vessel can be a good option. However, in this case, the person who is captaining the vessel is required to own a license. Though thee boats are also simple to operate the high powered mechanism requires at least some form of basic knowledge regarding boating in order to operate these vessels.
  • Also, vessels are bigger and can carry more passengers. So if you are planning a boating trip with friends and family, a vessel is always a great option. You can choose to hire a vessel anywhere from four hours to a whole day tour.
  • You also have an option for hiring a tow and go boats. This is an option which is becoming quite popular with people in Sydney. This is one way of towing a boat and taking it along for a boating trip which may extend to a few days. This I also closest one would come to for owning a boat but at a much lower cost.

When considering boat hire in Sydney, keep in mind that there are several kinds of boats which you could hire. However, it would be better to choose a boat which you might be able to operate with ease. Instead of choosing something fancy with top-notch gear, opt for a simple boat to have a more enjoyable time.

What makes a top restaurant?

A restaurant is not only known as a premise where food is served in exchange for money, but also as a place to get together for parties, corporate gatherings, and many other reasons. So what makes a restaurant so great that it is advertised via word of mouth or real-time customer reviews? The major features to consider are the quality of food served then the location, seating arrangement, the staff in general, surroundings and premises of the restaurant, the general ambiance and the price.

The list of required qualities seems definite but in order to gain and maintain a position in the list of top restaurants in Hervey Bay is really difficult.

Qualities of top restaurant in general

Each and every person is different with respect to their preferences in choosing a good restaurant. But we can list down a few of the general qualities a top restaurant must possess in order to be a significant player in the industry.

  • Excellent Overall Experience – In general a restaurant has to make a person or a group of people want to go there, whether for a lunch, parties, special occasion meal or a corporate gathering. The waiters must maintain a positive attitude while interacting with their guests. In addition to that, the waiters must have a complete understanding of the menu and must address the customer concerns on time
  • Quality of the food served – A top restaurant has specific sets of high standards for the food served in general. This can compel the guests to return for repeat visits or to recommend it to their colleagues or friends. Serving a bought in ready-prepared meal must be definitely a red flag
  • Location – The characteristics of this preference differs from person to person. Some may choose a restaurant secluded from the busy urban life, and some might prefer a restaurant within the city
  • What makes a restaurant unique? – A good restaurant must possess a few unique features that stand out in a customer’s mind and give it a competitive advantage over others. Due to the increasing global competition, it is mandatory for a restaurant to possess the feature of uniqueness in order to be a global player
  • Better management – A good management, with unique skills and resources at their disposal, manages the business aspect of the restaurant properly. It is important for the restaurant management to keep good records and stay current with regulatory requirements, such as taxes and health inspections

Most Common Red Flags

  • Unsettling background music and tightly packed tables in a small space
  • Squeezing in more diners, especially during occasions, is unsettling
  • A small restaurant with a vast menu is unrealistic. It usually means the prepared food is bought in
  • A restaurant with a list of outlandish dishes is a major red flag. The chef has most probably confused novelty with innovation and used weird combinations of flavours and ingredients without any prior research

For an individual in general, a restaurant must possess tasty, and freshly cooked dishes by a qualified chef. There should also be a good value for money spent, have a relaxed atmosphere, warm and welcoming staff, and friendly and knowledgeable service. These qualities are achieved by many restaurants with years of hard work. Hence, good restaurants deserve to be rewarded.

Hervey Bay

Amazing Things about Hervey Bay Whale Watch Boats

For those who are very familiar with the breathtakingly beautiful Hervey Bay, there is one thing that you will never fail to notice whenever you go visiting or having fun in this area. For those who were not able to guess it, these are the whale watch boats. Hervey Bay is a beloved place of congregation for those who loves observing and watching huge whales all day. The time has come for us to say a few things about the boats they use in this cruising pleasure.


Australia is a great nation, and it is understandable that a good chunk of the whale watch boats in the country are manufactured right in the country. However, this does not change the fact that a substantial number of whale watch boats are also imported from other countries. But the best thing is that no one can really differentiate between these boats once they are all floating on the waters.


A whales tour in Hervey Bay is still a boat and what that implies is that just as with any other vessel, not just anyone can operate this impressive piece of technology. What this means is that a whale watch boat can only be safely operated by a highly-trained crew, the training required to gain this expertise depends on the depth of the experience needed by the boat sailor. The summary is that you must demonstrate enough competence before you will be allowed to operate a whale watch boat.

Facilities and Equipment Available

A typical whale watch boat will have the essential equipment pieces or fittings that are somewhat general. A perfect example of this is the observation deck where excited tourists or enthusiastic whale lovers can relax and watch as the gentle giants slide by.

Contribution to the Economy

Whale watching is a very active sector of the fishing or marine industry. Although many consider the act itself to be a harmless form of relaxing pleasure, the good news is that this activity also contributes a lot to the local, regional and national economy.

From those who have to build and construct the boats themselves to those who have to maintain them to those whale watchers or tourists who happily pay to embark on those spectacular observation cruises, the positive contributions to the economy from whale watching can never be ignored or overemphasised.

Other Uses

Even though we all know that a whale watch boat is primarily designed to serve as a mobile observation platform for whale lovers, that does not mean that in some circumstances that it cannot be used for other purposes. A whale watch boat can always be modified and unmodified so that it can be used for other activities.

Luxury Wedding Car Hire

Tips for Renting a Wedding Car

Thinking about hiring a luxury wedding car in Sydney? Choosing the right wedding car is crucial for any couple. After all a perfect wedding only happens with a great deal of planning. Tings need to be in order to avoid delays and mishaps. Once you have set a date the major concern after selecting a venue is booking a wedding car.
The following are a few tips for couples interested in luxury wedding car hire in Sydney.

Check out different varieties of wedding cars before making a booking

In order to ensure that you find the perfect car for your wedding, make sure you personally go and check the cars available for rentals. This is one way to be sure that you are exactly going to get the kind of car which you had always anticipated. Plus you can also get some good advice from the rental services. if you have a theme wedding planed up you would be  looking for a car which goes with the theme of your wedding. Get some tips from the rental service and you surely won’t go wrong.

Other things to be kept in mind when selecting a luxury wedding car

The major mistake which most brides make while deciding on a wedding car is to not consider their dress when booking a car. The bridal dress usually comes with a long tulle. It takes one or two pages or bridesmaids to hold the dress from the back. Now if you have your heart set on a sports car, you need to make sure you and your dress are both safely ensconced in the car. If you dress is trailing you might need to forgo the desire for arriving in a sports car. Instead choose a car with more space where you can be comfortable and your dress stays protected.

Choosing the colour is pretty essential as well. If you need the focus to be on the two of you, choosing a neutral colour is the way to go. After all your car would be in most of the photographs and if you have your heart set on something bright and vibrant, make sure you are not getting outdone.

Always make a booking from a well-known car rental service. Make sure you check out several car rental businesses online by taking a look at the testimonials left by previous customers.

If there is a certain luxury car you have your heart set on, is necessary that you start looking for it in advance. Most car rentals are booked at least six to eight months prior to a wedding. You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to booking a luxury wedding car. Some cars are more popular than others and are snapped up pretty quickly.

Make sure not to forget the rest of the bridal party in your excitement to make a wedding car booking. Your parents and bride’s maids would need transport as well. For more information make sure you contact luxury wedding car hire.

Finding the Right Fishing Charter Boat

Are you looking for a great charter boat with dedicated crew who make fishing an enjoyable experience? Choosing from the wide plethora of fishing charters can be a bit difficult. Despite claims of providing people with the best fishing experience, there are times when the charter crew fails to make an impression. This is because expectations often get crossed which can lead to discontent.

The experts at cairns fishing charters have the following words of advice for enthusiastic anglers.

Avoid half day fishing charters

Choosing to go on a half day fishing charter I a major no. This is one decision which can be a major error. This is because there are very few places where you can hope to see, let alone catch a blue marlin in just half a day. However, if the blue marlin isn’t something which gets your fisherman persona worked up, you can by all means get to have some fun on half day fishing charter as well.

When choose to go for offshore fishing, aim for a charter of two days at least. While in shore fishing can be fine for half a day as well.

Never pick a charter based solely on low prices

It’s obvious that everyone likes discounts. After all who doesn’t like saving money, but it’s an all out experience choosing a charter which charge alarmingly low rates.

A low price could mean of the following

  • The boat could be older or smaller than others
  • When the weather turns rough which does happen at sea a lot you might feel quite uncomfortable and it could be a matter of your safety as well.
  • You might also not be able to properly maintain the tackle.

Keep in mind the old adage that you actually get what you pay for holds true for boat charters as well. if you get a cheap charter doesn’t mean you got great value for your money. Choose the best fishing charters in Cairns with a crew which is dedicated to helping their clients get hold of some real fishing. Keep in mind that a charter which costs less also pay less to its employees. It would be just like going on a fishing cruise and not really coming back with too much of a catch.

Keep expectations realistic

Even when you’re at the best fishing holes, there are day when the fish just won’t bite. if your heart is set on a blue marlin, the crew would make sure they try their best but there are times when you only have dolphins and tuna biting the line. Instead of being disheartened keep it in positive stride. After all anything is better than sitting for five to six hours and not making a catch at all.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind would help you find a great charter boat for fishing. Don’t compromise on quality just because you are getting a cheap bargain. For the best fishing charters in Cairns check out the local guides.

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