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Tips to Choosing your Wedding Venue

If you are planning a wedding you know how stressful it can be. From designing wedding invitations to budgeting for a wedding planner or the venue. Securing the right venue for you is one of the important steps you should pass through.

Because without the venue then there is no wedding. Here are the top tips to guide you on securing the right wedding and function venue for your wedding.

Budget for the Venue

Finding a gorgeous wedding venue is very possible even with the smallest budget you may have. Take time with your partner and decide how much you would like to spend on the venue. There are many guide books you could use to guide you when budgeting.

If you are the type who likes to be exclusive, you can take a venue that can give you an intimate wedding just shared with close friends and family.


Consider the number of guests you would invite to your wedding. First picture how you would want the wedding to happen on that day so that you come up with ideas for the venue. Ensure that the venue you are looking for has enough space for all your guests. Even if it is an intimate wedding reception venue, ensure there is enough space for your few guests.

Get Recommendations

On this special day you would want everything to run perfectly from morning to evening. Be open to recommendations from friends and family. Most probably they had already used the venues for their weddings. Get reviews online for your prospective wedding venues.

Read about the experiences the clients have had before with the venues so that you can choose the best that suits your interests.

Consider the Lighting

Do not forget to consider lighting for when choosing your perfect wedding venue. Lighting is an important aspect of weddings. This is the day you’ve been probably waiting for your whole life. You would not want your day to be gloomy and dull. Furthermore there is no need of having a gorgeous venue if nobody can see or notice it.

Ensure that the venue has plenty of lighting that complements your theme wedding. Avoid fluorescent and violet lighting unless you want your wedding to glow in the night. Above all you can decide to be creative and come up with the lighting for your venue.

Consider your Personalities

Choose a venue because it has the highest internet ratings. Go for a venue that suits your personalities, both you and your spouse. You are encouraged to work as a team as both of you should like the wedding venue and should feel accommodated. Whether you choose a venue by the beach or grand manor, always ensure that that is what you want and that it fulfills your interest and desires.

Consider the Location

You have probably invited friends and family from around the country or world. Location of the wedding venue is key as you would like everyone in the guest list to attend. Choose a location that is suitable to everyone. Consider the elderly who will not be able to climb up the stairs or walk long distances.

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