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The kind of event you’re planning to have is the determinant for the type of catering company to look for.

In Brisbane, you’re likely to come across these kinds of catering companies Brisbane, to include:

  • Tabled service is the most formal and most expensive type of catering service. Choosing this type means formal table settings with guests being served by the catering personnel.
  • Reception service is serving finger foods and drinks to standing guests. The informal setting and the small food and drink servings make this the most inexpensive type of catering.
  • Buffet service occupies the middle ground between the cheapest to the most expensive catering services. The setting is also informal with food laid out on a long table with guests serving themselves.

Finding the Right Catering Company


Catering is a robust business that makes the choice challenging. However, there are key points to look out for to help you get a shortlist what Brisbane catering company should you use.


How much you are willing to spend or how much money you have on hand is one of the important things to consider during your search for the perfect catering service. The best way is to keep searching until you find a caterer offering the right mix of price and value.

Size of the Event

The guest size is another important consideration to think about. The best way is to match the size of your celebration to the size of your shortlisted caterers.

Limitations imposed by venues

Multiple venues are unwilling to work with some catering companies. When choosing your venue, it’s best to find out if they have a list of catering companies they like to work with. Opting to go with their list of caterers can make way for a discounted charge. Working with caterers a venue prefers is also the best way to reduce stress levels when it comes to misunderstandings about set-up, theme, and decor.


The location of your planned event is one of the important things to think about before hiring a caterer. A catering company that is located too far from your chosen venue might pose a lot of problems such as delays in arriving at the destination and setting up.

It is suggested to look for a local caterer in the location chosen. The familiarity of local caterers with the chosen venue reduces the risk of delay.

Making your Selection


It’s time to select the caterer after you’ve done your research. Making the right choice means going through some of the good qualities, to include:

Customer Service

Your specific needs should top the list of a good caterer. This means that he/she will give you the full attention that you expect as a client.


A caterer that promptly replies to your emails or calls is the one to go for. A caterer that does not establish open communication lines does not value your business.

Specialisation and Experience

The specialisation is also with the catering business. This means that your kind of event has to have a caterer that meets the specific need.


Your special event deserves the right catering company. An event is all about giving the best experience to your guests. This makes it doubly important to hire the best in the catering business.



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