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It is an accommodation establishment meant for holidaymakers from around the world. It is a good fit for independent travellers who wish to take charge of when they come for a holiday or when the end their holiday, those travellers who wish to make their meals and change their rooms as they wish. Travellers and holidaymakers who would like to travel far from their homes but still need the feel of their homes away from home, they only need to book a holiday apartment and embark on traveling experience to meet their holiday apartment ready to move in. Holiday apartments are suitable for local and international tourists who want to stay in a place for a long period.

When should you choose a holiday apartment over a hotel?

If you are planning to have a long holiday far away from home, you should consider renting a holiday apartment over staying in a hotel. Especially when your holiday will last more than a month, it becomes relatively cheap when compared to hotel charges charged per day. The option of making your meals is exceptional, because you choose what to eat and when to eat. Holiday apartments available in the Gold Coast give you more space to carry out extra activities while on holiday. Of course, holiday apartments can’t work for every trip you make, but it is still worth exploring, especially when you are on a lean budget. Renting a holiday apartment might seem extravagant to many, but in the real sense, it saves some bucks because of discounted prices and a few savings from meals because you cook food for yourself and can choose to be economical. Apart from enough space, you get in a holiday apartment; you still get some extras like the free parking lot, full kitchen, and recreational facilities.

Advantages of hotels over holiday apartments

  • More flexible check-in times over holiday apartment, you can easily drop to check-in any time of the day in a hotel, but in a holiday apartment, you will need to make prior arrangements to meet with the property managers for the handover of the apartment keys. It will be difficult to book a holiday apartment, especially when you are not sure when you will be checking in.
  • Multiple guest check-in is possible in a hotel setup because guests will queue in the order they arrive to pick their hotel room keys, not possible in the case of a holiday apartment.
  • No security deposit is required in a hotel at check-in, but in a holiday apartment, guests will be required to pay a deposit of an agreed amount in cash before the keys are handed over. Paying in local cash may inconvenience the guest; they usually do not accept credit cards while paying for security deposits.
  • You will have the pleasure to place orders for your favourite foodstuff, and you just sit and enjoy ready food at discounted prices, if you are in an apartment you will have to prepare your meals at your pleasure. Likewise to drinks, in a hotel, you can order and drink immediately while in a holiday apartment, you might shop more drinks to place them on your fridge for you to drink at your own comfort zone. Holiday apartments are suitable when you are travelling with a family or when in a team.

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