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Choosing the right wedding venue would set the tone for your complete wedding event. You could choose to have your wedding at the beach or in a beautifully enclosed ball room. It all comes down to what you like and how you want to entertain your guests. However, when the time to choose a wedding venue nears most people find themselves getting cold feet. They may feel confused and at times even distressed. This is because there are already so many other things to work on.

There are certain questions which you need to ask yourself before you actually chose a venue. These include:

  • Do you want to have a big or a small wedding?
  • Would you like an outdoor or an indoor wedding?
  • Are you looking for something simple and aesthetic or completely glam or majestic?

Having some basic idea about these things would help make the process of choosing a wedding venue in Mornington peninsula much easier.

Before you choose a venue, keep the following things in mind

  • Choose a location for your wedding. In the past people normally held their wedding in the town where they grew up. Somewhere near the church and so on. However things have changed and so have the people. Now people look for weddings which can actually make their day all the more special. Some people look for exotic location while others prefer a destination wedding. Once you have a location in mind, it’s easier to find a venue.
  • Choose a budget. Before you make a choice regarding the venue you should have a good idea of how much you would like to spend on the wedding. A smaller budget means you can choose even your own backyard to have a wedding. It’s as simple as that. For someone people just the idea of having their near and dear ones present is more than enough. If you are looking for something bigger with more options, then you need to have a bigger budget as well.

  • Make sure you have an estimated guest count in mind before selecting a wedding venue. All wedding venues have a certain capacity. Some have a capacity of holding a small intimate wedding while some are big enough to accommodate a few hundred guests.
  • Choose some features which you would like in your wedding should be a joint decision between you and your spouse. Would you like a venue with a scenic location? Would you like something quaint and charming? You may want to have a sit down arrangement at the wedding or a stand up buffet. It all comes to what you like and what is important for you.
  • Tart looking for venues well in advance. Sometimes it’s better to choose and select a venue at least eight to ten months before the wedding. This would help ensure that you have a place already booked and are not in for a disappointment.

Keep these things in mind when choosing the best wedding venues in Mornington Peninsula.

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