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Are you looking for a great charter boat with dedicated crew who make fishing an enjoyable experience? Choosing from the wide plethora of fishing charters can be a bit difficult. Despite claims of providing people with the best fishing experience, there are times when the charter crew fails to make an impression. This is because expectations often get crossed which can lead to discontent.

The experts at cairns fishing charters have the following words of advice for enthusiastic anglers.

Avoid half day fishing charters

Choosing to go on a half day fishing charter I a major no. This is one decision which can be a major error. This is because there are very few places where you can hope to see, let alone catch a blue marlin in just half a day. However, if the blue marlin isn’t something which gets your fisherman persona worked up, you can by all means get to have some fun on half day fishing charter as well.

When choose to go for offshore fishing, aim for a charter of two days at least. While in shore fishing can be fine for half a day as well.

Never pick a charter based solely on low prices

It’s obvious that everyone likes discounts. After all who doesn’t like saving money, but it’s an all out experience choosing a charter which charge alarmingly low rates.

A low price could mean of the following

  • The boat could be older or smaller than others
  • When the weather turns rough which does happen at sea a lot you might feel quite uncomfortable and it could be a matter of your safety as well.
  • You might also not be able to properly maintain the tackle.

Keep in mind the old adage that you actually get what you pay for holds true for boat charters as well. if you get a cheap charter doesn’t mean you got great value for your money. Choose the best fishing charters in Cairns with a crew which is dedicated to helping their clients get hold of some real fishing. Keep in mind that a charter which costs less also pay less to its employees. It would be just like going on a fishing cruise and not really coming back with too much of a catch.

Keep expectations realistic

Even when you’re at the best fishing holes, there are day when the fish just won’t bite. if your heart is set on a blue marlin, the crew would make sure they try their best but there are times when you only have dolphins and tuna biting the line. Instead of being disheartened keep it in positive stride. After all anything is better than sitting for five to six hours and not making a catch at all.

Keeping the above mentioned tips in mind would help you find a great charter boat for fishing. Don’t compromise on quality just because you are getting a cheap bargain. For the best fishing charters in Cairns check out the local guides.

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